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Lumbar Fusions

Lumbar fusion is a neurosurgeon's attempt to eliminate pain caused by spinal deformity, weak or unstable spine, or people with herniated discs. The process involves grafting natural or synthetic bone inside two vertebrae. Natural bone grafts are usually obtained from the patient's hip or manufactured as a synthetic bone graft substitute. The process begins with an incision made in a suitable position that allows the surgeon to access the spine from the front. Natural bone grafting requires an incision in the selected body part to remove the bone. Bone grafting material fills the gap between vertebrates. Metal rods, screws, and other equipments help to maintain the vertebrates intact as the graft heals. The recovery time from surgery is long and strict precautions are needed in the long run. The continuation of physical activity and exercises requires the advice and consent of your doctor to avoid any further complications.

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