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Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Spine surgery involves the use of various surgical procedures to remove problems and pain-causing factors in the spine or spinal cord. Medical advances have brought a change to this lengthy and painful spinal surgery known as a microscopic ablation. The discs located between the vertebrae help the body perform various functions, mainly movement in all directions. In many cases, due to age or because the patient lifts weights, put pressure on the disc suddenly leading to disc herniation. It is a condition in which fluid drains from the spinal discs due to abrasion, age, and trauma that make the spinal discs stiff and cause bulging, cracking or tearing, putting pressure on the nerves and causing pain. Micro-discectomy found a way to relieve pain caused by lumbar disc herniation. The process begins with a local anesthetic given to the patient, then makes an incision over the affected area and removes damaged tissue that puts pressure on the nerve and closes the incision. After surgery, a physiotherapist, advice and guidance is essential as they warn you about the precautions to follow and also tell you when and when you should resume their daily routines and exercises.

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