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Neuro surgeon

Headache and migraine

There is another reason for headache, migraine. Sometimes the reason can be modified by less serious and simple precautions and medicines. Several times they keep track of roots in neurology. When it should be worried about your constant headache, you should consult with neurological Surgeon. Stress, Sleep Loss - Some of the elements that cause pain in the head that falls into the classification of the primary headache. But most of the pain of suffering in the head is much more serious. Many of them are rooted in nervous system malfunctions such as headaches such as hair or neck infection, hemorrhage, and brain census in the brain. Head pain treatment depends on factors that cause.

Epliepsy Surgery

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that influences the activity of the brain. This causes them to lose consciousness and adapt to abnormal behavior when seizures occur. There are many surgical procedures to control seizures. The choice of the type of surgery depends on the intensity and the reason. Resection surgery is an epilepsy surgery that removes the brain tissue that caused the seizure. Multiple Translucent Stay is another type of surgical nerve surgeons that prefer to control brain capture. Surgical living is concentrated deeply in the brain moving, and controls the movement, emotion and tongue.


Damaged brain cells cause the state of the soul that affects the normal course of communication, emotions and behaviors. The symptoms of dementia are not static. They are different. But some prominent memory loss, the ability to controversial and judgment. In addition, the patient also causes communication and linguistic issues that are difficult to communicate with people or communication. Many times, visual disabilities and memory losses are accompanied by other symptoms that make the patient difficult to survive. Dementia treatment is still a matter of medical institutions and experts. However, medicines and medicinal dosage amounts can reduce the severity of the problem.

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